The 13 Most Productive Things You Should Do During Lock-down.

Most Productive  Things You Should Do During Lock-down. Things to do at home during lock down period
Illustration: Quarantine hobbies
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Getting bored in lockdown???? Here are Most Productive Things You Should Do During Lock-down.

When is the last time you were complaining about your busy schedule, routines, workplace and your daily work?

Just look into your life back before the lockdown where everything was going fine accordingly. We all were indulged in our day to day routine as per schedule.

Well, many people were happy with their life but had some regrets regarding the quality time they should give to themselves to nurture their self-confidence, develop their personality through their skills, their talent and more likely make peace within by their hobbies.

The shuddering halt to our routine in the form of lockdown, made everyone feel worried and in a tense situation as they were being quarantined in their home with their loved ones.

Here are The 13 most productive things one should do during the lockdown period.

1. Set Life Goals.

Most Productive  Things You Should Do During Lock-down. Steps to set your various life goals
Illustration: Quarantine hobbies

If you have a plan in your mind which you have been following and doesn’t seems to be working, then you just need to work on it in a better way.

Reschedule your tasks for what you desire to achieve through your future goals. Prepare To-Do Lists for the goal to be achieved. By proper planning and executing just a few steps you can set and conquer your goals


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2. Online Training & Courses.

Most Productive  Things You Should Do During Lock-down. Learning Various Online courses and training programs.
Illustration: Quarantine hobbies

If you hadn’t thought of joining any course or to learn any online certified courses, then I personally suggest that you should try it. There are many such online learning sites and training courses just at a click.

Some of us see it as a professional portfolio while there are others who just try learning many things through the online certified training programme.

Photography, Coding, Share market and trading, etc are among the few popularly searched contents. If you think of doing some training we can find many such best online learning courses with certification.

3. Cooking.

Most Productive  Things You Should Do During Lock-down. Cooking ingredients according to the recipe.
Illustration: Quarantine hobbies

This lockdown has sought a hidden Master Chef in each of the families. Whether it be a small delicious recipe or be the Dalgona Coffee, the social media was full of such recipes better yet challenging.

We have seen varieties of delicious cakes and ice creams. Not only common people but many celebrities have also taken this activity on a serious note.

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4. Home Gardening.

Most Productive  Things You Should Do During Lock-down. Prepare a home garden in our available space at home by planting various herbs and flower saplings.
Illustration: Quarantine hobbies

Here comes our next activity which we surely love doing and watching is planting trees and taking its utmost care.

There are varieties of saplings available in our nearby nurseries which we can elaborate according to our gardening tips and techniques.

Many people during this lockdown preferred home gardening as their leisure time and studied the growth process and benefits of various plants and seeds of herbs, vegetables, flowers.

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5. Start A Blog.

Most Productive  Things You Should Do During Lock-down. Note down the necessary steps to start a blog and also the content to be chosen.
Illustration: Quarantine hobbies

If you love expressing your thoughts, your writing and executing skills, through a variety of topics, novels, poems you can just start blogging. 

I personally have started this as a hobby but loved the process of sharing my views, thoughts.

It can be anything whether your daily routine tales, a particular blog page =6ld help you to format properly your blog and its content. So just go for it.

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6. Paintings & Drawings.

Most Productive  Things You Should Do During Lock-down. Materials required for paintings and drawing , pastels , brushes, colors,etc.
Illustration: Quarantine hobbies painting

Art is the journey of a free soul!

Many of us had gone through our shelves searching for the old pastels and set of brushes to nurture their hidden art in them. If you had ever thought of painting a picture just go for it.

Painting makes relive our mind process into beautiful art.

Painting is just another way of keeping a Diary.

Pablo Picasso

Start your hobby by painting this beautiful picture by numbers. CLICK below.

7. Learn Different Languages.

Most Productive  Things You Should Do During Lock-down. Lists of books for learning foreign languages.
Illustration: Quarantine hobbies

Ever thought watching a Spanish, French or some Italian movies or series without subtitles? 

Well, you may also have thought of learning these languages. So why just waste this lockdown period by counting the days with fear?

You just need to browse for online training sessions on YouTube for the languages you want just at one click.

There are many such books and mobile applications which help you learn the languages from a beginner to the professional level.

¿Estás lista espectadoras?

You shall Start here learning a foreign language by clicking below.

8. Fitness & Workout.

Most Productive  Things You Should Do During Lock-down. Fitness and gym instruments for home workout during lockdown.
Illustration: Quarantine hobbies

Missing those heavy workouts and exercises?

If the lockdown has created a barrier between you and your fitness, then there is nothing to worry about. There are many reasons to exercise regularly. Above all, it maintains your health.

You can just start your fitness training and workouts at your home without any heavy gym equipment. 

Many fitness coaches have started their online fitness training. Some are free while few professionals have paid courses according to the duration and the support from the fitness freaks had made this activity more fun and excitement by the daily challenges while streaming online.

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9. Learn Calligraphy.

Most Productive  Things You Should Do During Lock-down. Learning various forms of fonts in different styles and textures.
Illustration: Quarantine hobbies

Remember the days during our schooling when we used to get less grade and remarks due to our poor handwriting. Well, Some had a really beautiful presentation in their handwriting.

But there are far much better and flawless forms of writing alphabets and words in a very unique style. 

Calligraphy can help us learn a variety of beautiful fonts and styles. It is rather an art than just letters. Find interest in this activity if you want to try something unique and skilful.

To develop your Writing Skills & Fonts CLICK HERE below.

10. Reading & Listening Books.

Most Productive  Things You Should Do During Lock-down. Reading books which is available at home and listening to the audible books which are available on mobiles and computer.
Illustration: Quarantine hobbies

Grow your vocabulary through various sections in books.

Book as our nearest and dearest friend during this lockdown may help us learn many such things.

If you are not into reading books then there are many Audible books collections available on the internet and various mobile applications.

You can also read —-> 10 Best Books That Add A Great Value To Your Bookshelf.

CLICK below to tune up to this audible books.

11. Learn An Instrument.

Most Productive  Things You Should Do During Lock-down. Learning A piano with the various musical chords and lyrical notes
Illustration: Quarantine hobbies

Channel up your inner musician through the instrument by learning various chords of a guitar, our tune-up with keyboard piano.

You can just watch the videos on YouTube from a variety of musicians which will help you learn the basic as well as professional level skills in playing the instrument.

Music and Rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul.

– Plato

Start this hobby with a simple Guitar CLICK HERE below.

12. Watching Movies & Web Series.

Most Productive  Things You Should Do During Lock-down. watching an online movies and web series on Netflix, Amazon prime and hot-star.
Illustration: Quarantine hobbies

Oh! here comes a favourite section for all the viewers. I think I don’t need to tell you all much about this as we all have been enjoying watching and following our favourite web series and movies.

How can we forget Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc for giving us such a huge bunch of collections of various movies and series from a different genre? 

Which one is your favorite one? Do reply to me in the comment section.

13. House Cleaning.

Most Productive  Things You Should Do During Lock-down.  proper cleaning of our house.
Illustration: Quarantine hobbies

Last but not the least among the things we should do during the lockdown period is to proper cleaning of our house.

When is the last time you had done a deep cleaning of your house? Well, this is the high time you should be doing the cleaning or sweeping and washing your house.

Get into the wardrobe section where you can find your old unused clothes, sort it out and make some space for the new ones when you will be going shopping online or offline.

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The Bottom Line.

Finally,  many of us including me, thought that the lockdown could end up soon, but it extended beyond our expectations. We then had our best time to look inside and outside ourselves by brushing up our hobbies and activities. So just get your quality time to engage in this 13 Most Productive Things You Should Do During Lock-down.

Hope you got the right choice of your activities through this content. Share your views.


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